• January 19, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    My mother, 72, who was diagnosed at 60, is having phsychotic delusions and moemts of anger. Her doctor put her on the smallest dose of Abilify and it completely knocked her out, she could not even open her eyes and was like a limp rag. After three days like this she was taken off of it and now the doctor wants to try again since her delusions and aggressions seem to be getting worse. Mom is VERY physically healthy, she has never taken medications in her life and recent medication trials like Ativan, do not work like it would for normal people. Is their any medication or combination of medications ( have heard fragemented dosages of Valium and Zoloft help) that can calm her without knocking her out? The doctor wants us to make a decision today and my sister and I are torn on how to help her. Mom cannot do anything for herself any longer and has no concept of life or things. She will still eat if fed, but does not bring food to her mouth. She does not communicate anything to us either, so we are clueless as to her feelings. Please help two desperate daughters. Thanks