• November 18, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    Evidence shows that the symptoms of AD can be slowed down and even prevented by building up a strong cognitive reserve that can act as a buffer against the onset of the disease.

    A strong cognitive reserve can be created in three ways;

    • Regular physical activity
    • Engaging in and maintaining an active, busy and diverse lifestyle
    • Following a regular program of brain fitness

    By using CogniFit Personal Coach one can create an effective cognitive buffer against the symptoms of AD and other degenerative diseases.
    It is particularly good at this for two main reasons. First, it offers you a personal assessment of 14 key cognitive abilities that will determine your cognitive strengths and weaknesses. The computer’s ability to present well designed stimuli in both visual and auditory modes, is another important advantage.
    Using this information CogniFit Personal Trainer designs a brain fitness program that gives you the training that’s exactly right for you. It’s the best possible way to start building up a cognitive reserve that will help you maintain a healthy, active and productive lifestyle.

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