• April 23, 2009 at 12:19 am

    Good day,

    We are a group of engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania working on the project for a newly invented Alzheimer’s disease drug by Johnson & Johnson. A brief description of the drug is present in the below mentioned internet links.

    In this context we want to conduct a market survey involving patients and caregivers in order to develop deeper insight in Alzheimer’s disease and its treatments

    These surveys can be taken online, following are the internet links where these surveys can be filled:

    http://www.upennengrent.com/~pennseas/Alzheime … ZHlogn.htm


    Your response to these short surveys will be higly appreciated and beneficial in performing a feasibility study of curcumin as a potential cure for alzheimer’s disease.

    Thank you,
    Ali, Syed Zeeshan
    Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania