• September 17, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    🙁 ❓ 😡 Alzheimers is very hard on me as a caregiver any advice i would be very graceful. my mother-in-law is 77 very mean towards me 1yr ago my husband and my 18 yr old daughter moved in with her . its been hell and soooo stressful my husband works 9hrs a day my mother-in-law fights me calls me nasty names spits at me she takes ambien cr which i dnt think works never saw a 77 yr old woman so hateful and mean . im to the point talking my husband into nursing home of course around her son shes a sweet loving lady 😥 ive try being calm when shes at her meanest ive try everything to overlook her actions. can any1 give me advice on what to do or any meds the doctor could treat her with ❓ i dnt plan to be stressful nor make myself sick . been married 29yrs my mother-in-law never liked me ive prayed and i know god is blessing me for going threw this drama alzheimers sucks. never a good day in this house just fighting and kicking and nasty name calling some days i hate getting up.