• May 16, 2008 at 4:50 am

    My mom has alz. and has had this for going on around 12 yrs now. She was just told she has cancer and they want to give her chemo and radiation. I was told by several people the drs are only trying to make $$$off her, they don’t give this to the elderly (74) at her age. Well I’m the one making all the decisions really. Have you heard of this or do you know someone her age going thur chemo w/ alz.
    I do have to remind her each time we go to a dr. (3 of them) She doesn’t understand anymore what cancer is and if she does, she says she does not have it.
    Breast cancer stage 3>>>>not sure if I’m making the right discision.
    I based my descision on how she use to be ,,,back before Alz.
    Will be thankful for any advice! ❓

    Sorry I shouldn’t be rude I’m blithering …and HELLO 😀

  • May 16, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    Yes, I have heard of medical people wanting to give chemo and radiation to individuals that are over 70 and have A/D.

    Unless I missed it…You do not appear to have shared your decision. So, I’ll just share the experience that I had with my mother when she was 62 years old. Bear in mind that it occurred about 20 years ago and treatments appear to have advanced since then.

    My mother opted for radiation and chemo. Years before being diagnosed with cancer, she was mentally on a slippery slope but had never been diagnosed with A/D. After treatments her cognitive abilities noticeably lessened. (This may have been from the stress of having cancer or ‘chemical head’ from the surgical procedure rather than the treatment for it)

    She was never officially diagnosed with A/D but reached the point where most nursing homes refused to admit her because of her mental problems and psychiatric institutions refused her because of her physical problems. I will be eternally grateful to my brother and his wife for taking her in, and adjusting their lives during the 2 year period leading up to her eventual death.

  • May 16, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Thanks for telling me about your experiences.
    I made the decision for chemo and radiation. If I talk to her on what I call a good day, this is what she wants. She was always a fighter when I was growing up. But most the time she just tells me she doesn’t have cancer. I dislike the part of always having to remind her so I can get her to the Drs office. 😥
    The Drs said they make different drugs now for people her age. And they have had great results. She is in execellent health other than her A/D. Which she still does have good days. She has had the surgery already and first treatment is next week. I do think the stress is affecting her a bit. (and of course the medicine they are giving her isn’t helping with the A/D).
    Thanks again for sharing 😀
    Just talking about this with someone that’s been there makes me feel better. 😀 😀