• July 23, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Much of the US is experiencing a dangerous heat wave which the media are calling a heat dome. Here are some tips from the July, 2011 newsletter from Parent Care 101 (http://www.parentcare101.com):
    1. Make sure that you check on your loved one several times a day.
    2. You all need plenty of liquids in this heat. Everyone should be sipping water regularly throughout the day. Make sure your loved one has enough water.
    3. This is no time to worry about the cost of air conditioning. The A/C controls the humidity that often comes with extreme heat. If you live in the Southwest, you’ll need more humidity, so even using a spray bottle every hour to put moisture into the air will be helpful.
    4. Keeping the inside temperature even 20 degrees cooler than outside can make a big difference.
    5. If there’s no air conditioning, then set up fans in the home.
    6. Look for places to go that have air conditioning– visit a senior center, do some shopping at a local mall, or go to restaurant or a movie.
    7. If your loved one begins to have symptoms of heat intolerance (see the third website listed below), your first task is to call 911, then get their body temperature lowered. Cool, damp cloths or ice on pulse points is a good place to start.
    Want to learn more about beating the heat? Try these sites:
    Blessings, Joanne