• February 5, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    Cure of cognitive impairment of down syndrome may help Alzheimer’s sufferers.
    Changing minds is a protocol to treat the cognitive impairment seen in down syndrome.
    After only 13 weeks of treatment the IQ start to rise.
    here you can find the protocol, a documentary trailer, testimonies and research:

    and here you can see other fragments. Watch nichole who has a dual diagnostic of down syndrome + alzheimer.


    keep in mind that The connection between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease is complex. Studies of the brains of people with Down syndrome reveal that, by the age of 40, almost all develop the brain changes characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.

    I know the protocol use 2 prescription drugs, but one is no necessary, the other one is prosac, and its main use is for neurogenesis= creation of new neurons with strong synapses.

    so there is possible cure for the cognitive impairment, and the article about the lithium is very interesting, looks like it does the same as prosac.

    exercise stimulate neurogenesis and THC also.


    Alzheimer’s sufferers may benefit from cannabis compound

    has anybody tried the lithium? I’m looking for natural alternatives to do the neurogenesis.