• January 10, 2009 at 5:47 am

    I go by the name Jacque, always have. It is actually my middle name. I would like to share with you the calming effect dolls have on Alzheimer’s people, both male and female, The easiest way to do this is to direct you to my website http://www.dolls4alzheimers.com There you will find photos of people who have received one of my dolls as well as notes from the families telling about their reactions. I created a nonprofit and now use as much time as possible getting and filling requests. You can request a specific doll on the website or drop me a note asking about specific eye and hair color. I have found that matching the doll to the person helps the bond. I delivered a doll to our local Alzheimer’s center today. The woman was so in love with her new little boy. When I started to leave she said “oh no, I can’t take care of him own my own.” I reassured her that he was there to love her and she would do well. As I left I heard the nurse say”Do you think you can take care of him for one hour?” She said, “yes I can do that.” Smart nurse and happy lady.
    I invite each of you to check it out and contact me if you are interested. Your ability to have a doll does not depend on what you can pay or even if you can pay. My cost is $65.00 and shipping is $15.00 If you are able to pay the postage that is helpful to me. If you want to make a donation I am a 501C3 nonprofit so it is tax deductable. I live in Bend, Oregon. Just a note on the side if you do give a lifelike doll you have to be sure the eyes are open because they think the baby died. Jacque Mays
    Jacque Mays