• March 27, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    Back in the ‘Gloom and Doom’ days when Charlie’s diagnosis was fresh, while reading a post on another forum I learned about her blog about life with her father. I visited it and found was up-beat and attempted to approach the subject of A/D with a sense of humor. That blog is:


    Now that over 3 years have passed…I’ve become more reconciled to Charlie’s diagnosis and tend to visit her blog less frequently. When I do…I’m amazed at how it has blossomed into a valuable resource and still continues to approach the subject of A/D with a smile instead of a tear.

    If you decide to visit…Please check out the Hot Topics section on her home page. There is a link to an Alzheimer fundraising effort. KnowItAlz is working with Kudzu.com to help you spread the word about your favorite local businesses while earning money for research. Until 03/31 $0.75 will donated to Alz. Research for each submitted review.

    The link to the fundraising effort is: