• July 26, 2008 at 6:10 am

    Felicia—You may disagree with me…but…On the whole, I believe that I quite fair in my presentation concerning Dr. T and the potential value of Enbrel as a tool in fighting Alzheimer’s on this thread.

    Voicing an opinion is not slander. Every human being has that right. It is truly unfortunate that Dr. T’s practices have caused so much controversy that they appear to have slowed down acceptance of the basic concept by the Alzheimer research community. It is nice to see the situation slowly improve.

    gbristow—I’m sorry for getting technical. Not being trained in science I’ve spent a great deal of time confused while attempting to gather information. That confusion may have transferred itself to my typing fingers.

    Getting comments was not my goal when I started this thread. Soliciting support for research into the value of Enbrel as a tool in fighting Alzheimer’s was. In attempting to do this, I tried to present the facts in a way that someone of average financial status would not feel guilty if they decided that it was not prudent to mortgage the family homestead, cash in their life savings or stand in the street with a sign that read: “Will work for perispinal Enbrel injections”.

    It is evident that as the thread grew…My discontentment over the practices of Dr. T did also. Just to fill everyone in on my current status…

    Although I believe that Enbrel has value as a tool in fighting Alzheimer’s I have not made any move to get in-network or out of network Enbrel treatments for my partner. We’re not rich. His decline has been relatively slow. I’ve formed a mental picture of the point where I will get out my paperwork and go looking for an out-of-network source.

    Support for additional research into the concept is growing. Paul Harvey mentioned Enbrel & Alzheimer’s in a radio show…The Alzheimer Association appears to have softened their stance. Assuming Amgen eventually gets off of their duff and requests permission for a clinical trial from the FDA, some of our loved ones may live long enough to eventually take part in one…but…I suspect that during their lifetime public funding for Enbrel injections will be nothing but a dream. I hope that a more low cost way to slow down or stop progression is found quickly.

  • October 13, 2008 at 4:50 am

    Unless Amgen gets on the stick and announces clinical trials (They are the only one allowed to petition the FDA for the right to hold them)…It looks as if Dr. Tobinick is the only entity attempting to reposition Enbrel.

    In some ways I cannot blame Amgen for their reluctance. In my opinion Dr. T. may have made some poor (or questionable) choices that appear to have cast doubt on his credibility. Enbrel has been a moneymaker for Amgen. They have taken considerable heat over off-label usage and may be reluctant to set up clinical trials without collaborating evidence from ‘impeccable’ independent sources.

    I imagine filling out grant forms is tedious…but…In my opinion…If Dr. Tobinick has not already done so…I think that he should approach sources of Alzheimer’s research funding with pen and hat in hand. With some ‘business concessions’ (that help to bring down the cost of in-network treatment) on his part, I believe they might provide a willing ear.

    I think that the choice is his. If he is happy with his current level of ‘business’ and recognition, he will do nothing but publish press releases, continue to make the ’speaking circuit’, produce more videos and hope for the best. If he hopes for timely scientific recognition and perhaps a place in medical history as a pioneer in the fight against Alzheimer’s, he may have to make some changes.

    In the past months I have learned more about Enbrel for Alzheimer’s. It is definitely not a cure. I don’t know for certain that progression of AD is stopped (or even slowed). I’ve watched Dr. Tobinick’s exciting video’s showing dramatic changes…but…Most actual caregiver reports fall short of that mark. (Some caregivers have started and discontinued Enbrel treatments for this reason.). At this moment in time…because it is expensive and still relatively untested…I’ve come to the conclusion that the hope that Enbrel injections may help Charlie might more valuable to me than the potential results.

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