• August 27, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    My interest in Alzheimer’s Disease for many years has been personal I watched my mother wither then die of this awful disease. The worst part of it is it forever infected my otherwise wonderful memory’s of her with some very disturbing ones.

    I also became very aware of the unique characteristics of Alzheimer’s patients including the therapeutic opportunities that exist with caregivers, both family and professional.

    Research revealed what most everyone here knows, that memory stimulants can be very helpful in slowing the progress of the disease and tactile stimulants can calm the fidgety hands of a sufferer. To meet these needs, I developed a unique therapeutic photo memory quilt that can be far more effective than a photo album in providing memory stimulation. I also have developed my own version of the therapeutic touch quilt and the therapeutic fidget quilt, items that can bring relief to sufferers and caregivers alike through their calming effect.

    As much as we hope word of our products will spread organically, I’m a little more realistic and also will be recruiting professional caregivers as affiliates.

    I am very open to feedback if anyone here wants to suggest other products we might work on developing or as to how we might improve our existing line.

    Patchwork Memory Quilts is located at http://www.PatchworkMemoryQuilts.com

    God Bless all Alzheimer’s caregivers and thank you for your interest