• June 16, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    hello everyone,

    I have recently joined this site and have been really touched by everyones words and advise. My name is Vicky and I am an artist. Since I started making work I have always been facisnated with memory and the self. This is perhaps because I do not feel we have control over what makes us us, and the self is perhaps something that is always changing with time. I have little experience of Alzheimers, apart from my grandma suffering from dementia shortly before she died last year, which if i am honest is probably a big reason why i want to know more about this disease.

    I would really like to talk to people and to hear your memories and stories. I believe that expression through art and writing in particular is really theraputic and important to my day to day life. I am making a piece of theatre to be performed in 2010 on memory, landscape and music. It is about how we map our emotions onto landscape, and music as an art form that brings memories back. I would love to hear peoples real life experiences, even to collaborate with those who would be willing to write me some text or just have a chat with me about their feelings towards memory, or their personal experiences of living with alzheimers. If anyone is interested or would like to know a bit more about what I do, i would love to chat to you.