• January 15, 2009 at 3:22 am

    How can one tell if it’s the beginning of Alzheimer’s or just a senior moment. My husband is not 71 yrs. He has episodes of not remembering the location of our favoirite wiine store, or something that we did in the past together. There are other things similar to this and I just let it go without correcting him, except when he can’t find some place, I do tell
    him to make a U turn and when he’s almost there he starts to remember where is located, i.e., the wine store.

    His Mom had Alzheimer’s, fully diagnosed when she was about 87 yrs old.
    But I can now look back and remember things like when we thought she was just trying to act like a dumb blonde. Forgetting the story accurately. Then she slipped into Sundowners and we knew it was full
    blown Alzheimers.

    One thing that scares me is he is a BIG guy, former football player. When Sundowners came on his Mom she got angry at first, saying he needed to get out of her house before her Dad came home. Then one night she was telling him to leave, which he didn’t and she got a kitchen knife and told him again to get out of her parents house.
    What scares me is that one big hit and I could be dead, if this ever happens.

    So how can I tell if it’s the beginning of Alzheimer’s or just s Senior Moment?