• March 28, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Been living with mom since December. We have an appointment with the Dr in May. I’ve noticed the following:
    Repeats stories over and over again, sleeps from 2 p.m. to 5 pm on the couch, eats, sleeps on the couch on and off until 3 in the morning then sleeps in bed until 7 a.m., very irritable, swears alot, everyone on t.v is a stupid b****. Is given information, when she repeats the information it doesn’t sound anything like the original version, she argues with telephone recordings, has 5 checkbooks and swears it does not confuse her, fell outside and broke her arm a few years back, fell in the yard yesterday and thankfully was ok, lives for the judge shows in the afternoon and you don’t dare interrupt when she is watching, almost gave most of her savings to a sister in need (her financial advisor steered her away from this) she had me move back in and said I didn’t need to contribute financially til I got a job, we worked out a deal that I help around the house (big house, big yard, lots of work!!) She is now concerned about money (no need to be) Is having me pay some bills, I still have not found work and am on my last 2 months of savings, she makes strange purchases for being worried about her finances, is trying to run my life by telling me not to go back to school, tells me which jobs I need to look at. I don’t think she can live on her own and take care of the house but I’m not sure I can handle living with her!!

    Ok, done rambling. Any thoughts out there?