• February 22, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    Watching both a father and an uncle live with Alzheimer’s, I have made a commitment
    to remain, in my retirement, as mentally active as possible. Everything I have read indicates that mental stimulation is our best bet to avoid or delay the onset of dementia.

    An activity that I have grown to enjoy is a computer language called LOGO. LOGO is a part of the curriculum in many schools as a tool to establish, at an early age, the brain circuits of higher mathematics. I taught this while a teacher, and I still enjoy creating graphics using LOGO today. LOGO allows those of us with no artistic abilities to create beautiful graphics using planning, perspective and basic math. And the LOGO program is free!

    Another activity that I can do is basic html. Basic html is the primary computer language for website development. Html involves perspective and planning, as well as memory skills. While it is more difficult to construct a web page using basic html rather than a composer, this is the whole idea. And I get a certain pride of creation which the composers do not give.

    My website, http://www.diogenes-bob.com/alz.html, contains information about LOGO and will soon have a tutorial on html. In addition, I have begun a collection of links to other sites which provide stimulating activities. If you should know of other beneficial site which I can list, please let me know and I will add them.

    This is not a commercial site, and it is not a money making activity. My hope is simply to facilitate mental stimulating activities for myself and for others.