• July 30, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    HI, hi, My mom is in a Nursing home, she is 94 yrs old. Since she was sick during the winter, her mind is gone. Especailly her short term memory. And, she no longer seems to know how to use the bathroom or care for herself. the problem being that she will not ask for help as she does not realize she does not know how to do this anymore.
    The care is awuful. I have talked to them till I am blue in the face & no longer know what to do. My next step is to report them to the State. I dont want to do it but am at my wits end.
    I go in and find her laying on pissy sheets etc. this is a daily thing. she gets up does not know that she may have wet the bed . automatically makes her bed up.. WEll, they know she does this but cant seem to get it trhrough to them that they need to check her bed daily.??? It is just awful & I hate her being there.
    I am disable due to having had 3 major backsurgerires and am unable to care for her. It is awful. any suggestions