• July 31, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    Hello; My Name is Sven and I am 63 years old ,about two months ago I
    was diagnoised with [Spell] Vascular dementia,a form of alzheimers as I understand it.My wife decided that it was time to see somebody about my problems [memory,attitude] We just celebrated our 30th year of marriage….. At first it was and still is to some degree hard to get my head around this whole thing. I keep looking for what I have lost. Hmmmm.Iwas started on aricept,but i am getting ahead of myself. As a young man I always had Higher than normal blood pressure,but the doctors all said its not that bad you are young???? . LDL/HDL were things of the future .What I am getting at is that society needs to consider these things in young people [and I believe they are now]
    Fast forward Quit smoking 21 years ago, now asthmatic. Have been on blood pressure meds 10 years or so always had large swings in pressure.
    A few years ago I started having problems with memory ,it was mmost noticeable at work.Directions given and forgotton as quick as they were given.I wondered about meds and one side effect of a med was loss of imeadeate memory[solved that one]After along bout with a back injury I decided to take early retirement,that was January last year.
    After retirement I was looking forward to the many projects I had been saving for now but I just lost all desire…And still am having some problems.I began to fill a life long desire to learn to play the Guitar and began lessons they lasted til this spring when I just couldn’t do it any more.
    My BP was very high in spite of meds and I couldn’t remember how to or where to put my fingers on the strings…
    When my wife[nurse of 40 years] Said we had to do something That led to the MRI.
    I remember sitting there with her and the neuroligist watching the results,and not really grasping what was going on, All the things my wife was saying to the doctor I was struggling to apply to me on the one hand I knew she was right but.. . There were times during that session when I felt like they were talking about someone else.
    That was the lowest day I have ever experienced.However it was not all gloom and doom The doctor felt the aricept would stop the slide.
    My BP is now well under control 125/71 and my ldl was 81.
    Changes have occurred I used to ride my motorcycle but I am a little concerned about that now.
    my driving,is OK I just started on.Namenda with the hope that it will make me a little sharper and able to focus on tasks better ie driving.
    If it doesn’t then I will have to think about giving up driving,I live in a total rural setting 6 miles to town, actually I wont think about it I just will have to. I will not put another person at risk because of my impaired functions. Maybey I’ll get a horse???. My Church has been a great help during this time, I had a talk with my Deacon and I had a wonderful conversation when this all started I have to believe that all is in God plan. But letting control go is difficult.I have no fear of Death I have the promise given us all. I do believe .
    I have seen no comments from patients in all the research I have done It’s probably out there .
    Not trying to sound to dramatic. just trying to tell it like it is.
    Oh ,Guitar lessons resume next week

  • August 3, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    Hello Sven….I am 60 years old, I also have vascular dementia. I was diagnosed 8 years ago. I am taking Aricept and a couple months ago I started taking Namenda. I feel the Aricept has helped and now since on Namenda I have noticed I have more ambition to get things done. I am so glad you are starting back with your guitar lessons. Keep me posted. I still drive a car ….only in places I am familiar. Live one day at a time and keep your chin up. I am very pleased to meet you.


  • August 20, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    In 1994 I started(maybe before) having problems,but wasn’t diagnosed til 1998 with alzheimer’s.I was 57 at the time.At age 66 I decided I needed retesting as I was still doing too good.I was retested & have a DX of Vascular dementia.I took Aricept the first 4 yrs,then it quit working.I was put on Remynil(now Razadyne)It works great for me.I have days when I’m foggy headed but it passes.Dr tried me on Namenda with disasterous effects so I threw it away.Yesterday I gathered up trash as we do every week to be picked up on Thurs.LOL,it was Tues so I just decided to let the trash receptical sit out for them to pick up tomorrow……