• November 17, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    I have noticed over the last 4 or 5 years that he tells the same stories over and over. It drives my wife nuts, but I have always just thought it was because he is retired and has nothing new to talk about. He also was (for lack of a better word) a hard ass. His way or the highway type of guy.

    Well I just spent last weekend with him deer hunting, and he seemed different. He never was very patient, but has lost all patience with my mom and my 3 young boys. He was easily aggitated at both my mom and my 3 boys. This was not new regarding my mom, but it was worse than normal, it was new regarding my kids. He also seemed to drink a little more than normal.

    The main thing that I noticed that was different was 3 or 4 times he looked confused. I don’t know any other way to put it other than he just had a very confused look on his face. No one was talking to him, and he was not talking to anyone, he just looked confused.

    His short term memory seems to be ok, but he is angry, and not patient at all anymore.

    I don’t know if he’s just getting older, or if he may be in the early stages of alzheimers?

    Here is some background.

    He is never impatient with me, but very impatient with my mother, my kids, and his former friends.

    He has lost a lot of friends over the last 8 years or so.

    He is 73 now, he retired at 53, worked as a consultant until 61, and has done nothing but putter around since then.

    All of the things I listed is kind of the way he was 20 years ago, but now it is magnified, except the deal about him looking confused, I have never seen that until last weekend.

    I am going to spend 3 days with him again this weekend deer hunting, and will keep a closer eye on his symptoms (if any?)

    Does any of this make sense to anyone here? Of course I’m hoping he is just getting to be a crabby old man, and not Alzheimers.

    Thank you


  • November 20, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    Review the top 10 symptoms.The earliest he can be diagnosed and started on the medications such as Aricept and Namenda the better they will work for him. Remember it is very unlikely that he will admit to having a thinking problem.Your next problem will probably be getting him to go to the Doctor for diagnosis. Good Luck.