• February 27, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    The headlines are everywhere —

    *Prevent Alzheimer’s with this food or that supplement.

    *Slow the onset or progression of Alzheimer’s with brain puzzles, medications, exercise.

    *Higher education may delay or mask signs of Alzheimer’s.

    *Lab tests may show your genetic propensity for developing Alzheimer’s.

    *Controlling unwanted behavior with anxiolytics and antipsycotics.

    *Better funding is needed for Alzheimer’s care and research.

    How often do you see the words “pain” and “Alzheimer’s” in the same headine?

    Seldom, though the research on the physically painful aspect of this terrible disease is abundant and easily assessed on the internet. We are missing a most important part of end-stage dementia care. The agitation shown by dementia victims is too often written off as a psychotic event instead of cries for pain relief. While there is no cure for this tragic disease, we have an opportunity to lessen the physical agony of these most fragile of our loved ones through appropriate palliative care and pain management. http://www.StopPainInDementia.wordpress.com