• September 28, 2009 at 12:13 am

    I am 60 y.o., a wife of 41 yrs; a mother of 3; a grandmother of 5-2 of which we’re raising; a retired RN; have had bilateral hip replacements; and have an almost 88 yo mother who has moderate stage alzheimers; my father died april 0f 08 at 89 from old age–his mind was better than mine. My brother, 62, lives with her in her home but to give him a break she stays with us 2-3 days and night a week. My grandson, 13, who lives with us 90% of the time, was diagnosed in Nov08 with NF2–it’s easier for you to look it up on the internet, if you’re interested, than for me to explain it. Anyway, as a nurse, I saw so many painful deaths and diseases, so Alzheimers, in a way is painless to my way of thinking. I know what’s coming by being a nurse and have the time to devote to her since i’m retired. She at this point is a very compliant child who can’t make any decisions. Does it upset me? No. I almost envy her that she is being fed well, doesn’t have choices to make, and does nothing but what she wants to do. Maybe it’s because I have TOO much going on in my life that I see it that way. I do know this–I would never ask or want my children to take me on if I become demented or have any other terminal health problem. It’s a job in itself and can damage a family. I see it that they have their lives and families and I’m not going to disrupt that. I think that if God has you live to a very old age, Alzheimers wins over cancer or any other debilitating disease where you have your mind and senses about you and you’re cognitive of what is going on around you so much so that you suffer physically and mentally. Bless her heart, she is in her own world and she is getting the best of care. I have spouted and vented enough. I’m interested if anyone else feels my way or if I’m the only one

  • October 15, 2009 at 12:48 am

    Dear Stukie,
    I think the part of not being aware is the only things that is “good”
    about Alzheimer’s. The part that bothers me is no one knows what
    is going on inside of them. We’ve never had anyone in the later stages to
    let us know what it is really like. Hopefully it is not nightmarish. I know in
    the last stages, the brain stops telling even the organs to function and even
    though they are not aware of why they are experiencing death, I wonder if they are actually aware of the body not cooperating with them.
    No expert opinion, just my thoughts.
    Take care,