• December 8, 2009 at 4:58 am

    Hi, All.

    I am the youngest of 5 children. Mom is 76. She has always been forgetful, but there are some disturbing things happening. I have told my siblings that I think it’s Alzheimer’s. They say, no, it’s normal aging. Here are the things that are worrying me:

    1) Meanness. She has gotten so incredibly verbally agressive with me, my husband, my children, and my employees (I own my own business) that I decided this weekend to sever ties between her and my children and to never let her in my business again. She lashed out at one of my employees and then the next day looked like the employee was crazy when she told Mom of the incident. Mom said, “I don’t remember saying that. If I did, I am sorry.” Several times she has brought my children to tears by lashing out at them over strange things. She’s done the same to me, but it is strange that she is doing it to my children. The first time I saw this was July ’09 when we went on vacation. We almost left early because she was so mean.

    2) Asking the same question over and over. She has asked me, and my husband, and my mother-in-law what the interest rate on my house is. My mother-in-law told her, but she asked my husband again.

    3) Forgetting conversations. See #1 above, and she got mad at me Saturday for not giving her $600 for a bill. She said when she asked for it, “You said you don’t know if you have it or not.” Actually, she spoke with my mother-in-law and asked for the money. My mother-in-law asked if she wanted the check deposited. My mother said, “No, I will pick it up when I come over.”

    4) Getting mad over strange things. She spent the night and we fixed breakfast for my kids. They ate while she and I “milled” around the kitchen. She made a plate and sat down at the bar to eat. I wandered in and out, “milling” around. Later, she cried and told me I was mean to her because she had to eat breakfast alone.

    She lives alone (my dad is dead) so I don’t know about day to day things. The forgetfulness is obvious, but the most disturbing and pronounced difference is her verbal aggression. She is just flat mean – over the top, I can’t believe she just said that, mean. She has never been this way, and has scolded me several times throughout my parenthood when my husband would “bark” at the children as she called it. It would be a simple fatherly “Sit down NOW” thing that she called “barking.” She has always been very sensitive about how we talk to our children, and now she is vicious with her words and her tone.

    I told my brothers, and they think she is just “getting old.” I think it’s more. Since no one lives with her, I am afraid we aren’t going to realize it until something catastrphic happens.

    Opinions, based on my description??


  • December 9, 2009 at 1:47 am

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