The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation was created to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research conducted at the Fisher Center lab at The Rockefeller University, plus other leading research institutes around the world. Money we raise not only funds cutting-edge research, but provides support and resources for the 16 million Alzheimer’s caregivers through our Information Program which includes the ALZinfo.org website, an award-winning magazine (Preserving Your Memory), and a bi-weekly e-newsletter (Alzheimer’s News You Can Use).

We pride ourself on our fiscal transparency. Not only have we received Guidestar’s 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency, but we have earned the coveted four-star rating from Charity Navigator for nine consecutive years, with over 84% of donations going directly towards research and programs.

Between the years 2000 and 2019, Alzheimer’s deaths increased by 145%. Current estimates indicate that there will be a staggering 14 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s by the year 2050. As such, we are committed to our mission to understand the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, improve the care of people living with it, and find a cure.

Our vision is working towards a future where Alzheimer’s is nothing but a memory.