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Seven years ago, a good friend of mine asked me to join him on an epic journey to the bottom of the world (Antartica)… to run a marathon there. I halfheartedly agreed and three years later, in 2017, we were finally selected to embark on an adventure to complete the Antarctica Marathon. During this epic journey, I met some people from all over the world who were completing their 7th Continental Marathon. This is a select group of people that have ran a marathon on every continent. Having heard stories of their journeys, I decided to embark on my own journey to join this select group. After completing the Antarctica Marathon in 2017, I decided to make this dream come true by completing the Mt. Everest Marathon (2018), NYC Marathon (2018), Machu Picchu Marathon (2019).

This year I will be embarking on my 5th continent (Africa) and will do a marathon up to the summit of Kilimanjaro (19, 341 feet).  This is currently billed as the World’s Highest Elevation Marathon Race in the world. This race will involve spending one week trekking up to camp 2 to an altitude of 14,320 feet before having the opportunity to run to the summit and back down the mountain. I will be running this marathon in my late Grandmother’s honor and for Andrew Ho’s father who is currently battling this disease .  Having seen our loved ones loose their battle with Alzheimer made me an advocate to finding a cure for this disease.  I have a 27% chance of getting Alzheimer’s (according to my DNA tests) and I would like to make it a goal of mine to help eradicate this disease during my life time. I may not have a PhD to find a cure, but I will use my time and energy to be a piece of the puzzle to help solve the mysteries and complexities of this disease.
This will be one of the biggest challenges I have ever taken and I will be honored to carry you all with me on this epic journey to the finish line. I invite you all to join me on this journey by being a piece of the puzzle to solving Alzheimer’s.


Thank you!  I look forward to taking 520Cares and all of  you along on this adventure.

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An-Marie Jon August 12, 2021
Ryan Chen August 10, 2021
Anonymous August 10, 2021
Marissa Comia August 09, 2021
Brian Thomas August 02, 2021
Jennifer Yuen August 02, 2021
Steve and Priscilla Gabbert August 02, 2021
Marie Chan August 02, 2021
David Lau August 01, 2021
Robert Lung August 01, 2021
Dave Ventresca August 01, 2021
Kimberly Lem August 01, 2021
Eugenia Hom August 01, 2021
Carolyn Newkirk August 01, 2021
Anh Phan July 30, 2021
John Cunningham July 30, 2021
Yuwan Lam July 30, 2021
Caterin Restrepo July 29, 2021
Ken Kraemer July 20, 2021
Chi Ma July 16, 2021
Mark DeVera July 15, 2021
Su Lem July 07, 2021
Bernadette Hurst July 04, 2021
Bud Pusposuharto July 01, 2021
Deirdre Howard July 01, 2021
Doris Liang June 30, 2021
Anonymous June 30, 2021
Kevin Jiang June 30, 2021
Curtis Tipton June 30, 2021
Paul Smith June 30, 2021
Anonymous June 30, 2021
James Wong June 30, 2021
Julie Hon June 30, 2021
Vincent Shum June 29, 2021
Terri Wolf June 29, 2021
Daniel Cheung June 29, 2021
Steven Gee June 29, 2021
Donna Ho June 29, 2021
Raymond Lem June 29, 2021